What Families Do...

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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together – African Proverb

I think about this quote a lot in the context of building Helium Books. We've known from the outset that our journey to elevation is a marathon, not a sprint. It's about building and growing a family around the core mission and using the power not only of raw numbers, but that of an engaged community, to advance the cause. No impact that is worthwhile, far-reaching, and enduring can be made by just one or two individuals. As the saying goes...it takes a village.

All of us, you included, that comprise the Helium Family, are a testament to this being true. You are the catalyst for the positive change we've been able to make here in Milwaukee. Through ordering books which lead to donations to local causes, participating in our reading- and elevation-focused communities such as the Helium Book Club, listening to (and sometimes even starring in) our Journeymen podcast, and by simply telling others about our service and brand (nearly half of our orders are the result of referrals!), you are making a difference. You've realized the ability of books, and the bonds formed at their hands, to make lives better. And, you've done something about it. You've turned your beliefs into action and tangible results.

Every day it is an honor knowing that we have built something that resonates with such an amazing group of people. It's invigorating to witness mere ideas turn into real, well-received, cherished services and places. To have the ability to lift others up through what we do—in a variety of ways—provides us with all of the energy we'd ever need. And, we've seen first-hand the value of our services. Being able to offer free, expediently-delivered library books to readers' doors—especially in the midst of a pandemic—has kept the pages turning and people exposed to the countless benefits offered by books. We shudder to think of the halt in reading that could have occurred had our delivery service not been an option. Underlying that is the thought that you, our now beloved family, would have been hurting even more. Ensuring that didn't happen will always be a point of pride for us.

While the numbers may not jump off the page, for an abundance of reasons we're incredibly proud to have built something with you and our Helium Family that has resulted in over 530 books hitting the hands of readers and over $300 being donated to mission-aligned organizations in the community.

So, where do we go from here? Up.

I've spent this post touching on the importance of family. What we do for one another is out of genuine care for our well-being, our growth, and our happiness. You help, inspire, and energize us every single day. It's our goal to do the same for you. Now, we're calling for your help once more, so this family can stay intact and welcome new members...

In April, we'll be launching what is known as a crowdfunding campaign. In simple terms, it is a way for companies like ours to tap into their loyal, loving, supportive network (i.e. family) to raise necessary funds to continue operating and implement new growth initiatives. Though it's not something that gets anyone too excited, money is a critical component in keeping the proverbial Helium Books balloon floating and rising.

We're counting on our Helium Family to come alongside us and lift us up. If our mission to elevate lives is one that resonates with you, if you think more people should know about what we do, if you personally find value in the services and places we provide, if we've made your life easier, better, or saved you a few dollars, please consider contributing to our campaign. Without the selflessness of you and the rest of the Helium Family, to put it simply, our future may be in doubt.

Instead, let's keep rising together! If you are interested in contributing to our campaign, please take a minute to make a pledge. Once you do, we'll be in touch when the campaign officially launches with a reminder to translate your commitment into a real contribution (and instructions on how to do so 👍).

Anything, anything at all helps more than you know! Plus, certain contributions will be eligible for some pretty cool perks, like some Helium Books branded stickers, an awesome t-shirt, the opportunity to create a reading list over coffee with myself and Jacob, and much, much more!

To learn more about our campaign and the specifics of how your dollar can help, visit our pre-launch page! Also, keep an eye on our social media pages over the coming weeks for some 🔥 new videos! Thank you in advance for any support you're able to provide, even if that means simply telling others about Helium Books!

I'll wrap this up with something famed lawyer, Robert Ingersoll, once said: we rise by lifting others. It's just what families do...🙏

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