WATCH: A Live Chat with Josh Green

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

On the wonderful night that was January 13, 2021, Helium co-founders, Jacob and Ian, were joined on the company's Instagram Live by Enneagram guru and local author, Josh Green! With great engagement from the audience, the trio discussed what turned Josh on to this unique personality framework and how he transformed a birthday party conversation into a booming Instagram account (@justmyenneatype)—boasting over 333k followers as of this writing—and, eventually, into the What's Your Enneatype? book!

A must-watch for anyone looking to take a deeper dive into the Enneagram, those seeking to learn more about who they ~really~ are, even anyone interested in the book writing process in general...

Relive the night all right here 👇

🙏 The biggest THANK YOU to Josh Green for sharing his story and imparting such enlightening wisdom. We hope all that watch leave with a better understanding of themselves and, if not, an understanding of the impact the Enneagram can have on all of us.

+ You can find 📚 What's Your Enneatype? wherever books are sold!

++ And, be sure to follow @justmyenneatype on Instagram for great, personal content.

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