Vulnerability - A Step In The Right Direction

Vulnerability. When you hear the word, maybe you cringe, maybe you picture an infant or an animal that is so dependent on their mother or father for survival, maybe you envision something else entirely. In any case, I'd guess you probably aren't associating the word vulnerable with many good things.

I sure as hell don’t. I think of the naïve, impressionable Simba right after his father saved him from the herd of wildebeests - all to find out that Scar, his uncle, in fact, killed his papa, Mufasa - spoiler alert! In such a time of distress, sorrow, and grief, Simba listens to his blood uncle - albeit his scheming and genuinely evil blood uncle. He runs away believing that not only was he responsible for his own father’s death, but that the pride wouldn’t accept him because of this illicit fact. You can’t get any more vulnerable than that.

As some of you reading this may know, Ian and myself have started a podcast called Journeymen, and on an earlier episode my brother-in-law, Ethan, challenges the listeners (as all guests do on their featured episode) to act on, or at a minimum contemplate an area of potential improvement in their life. Ethan goes into detail about how being vulnerable is a good thing and encourages us all to be vulnerable - gasp! - in order to grow as an individual. (You can listen to the full episode if you so choose here)