WATCH: A Live Chat with @toris.bookshelf

On January 11, 2022, Helium Books co-founders, Jacob and Ian, had the fun opportunity to chat with Instagram #bookstagrammer and long-time friend, @toris.bookshelf!

The three chatted over Instagram, discussing bookstagram life, how @toris.bookshelf began, where it's taken her, and how it's transformed her reading journey (for the better) well as all things books, of course—obtaining some great insights from an avid reader and definite bibliophile and sharing some laughs along the way.

In case you missed the conversation live, relive it all...


Of course, we want to thank @toris.bookshelf for taking the time to join us, share her passion for books and reading, and open us up to a fun, less explored part of the social media landscape!

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