WATCH: A Live Chat with Tim Cigelske

On the enlightening winter night that was February 10, 2021, Helium co-founders, Jacob and Ian, were happy to be joined on the company's Instagram Live by creativity guru and local author, Tim Cigelske! With outstanding, thoughtful, and fun-loving participation from the audience, the three discussed what brought Tim's book, The Creative Journey: A Timeless Approach to Discovery, alive, what the book has meant to him, and what it can help the reader uncover within themselves. Tim was also nice enough to read aloud an excerpt from the book and we even took a little peak into the beer-lover's fridge...🤷‍♂️

Truly a must-watch for anyone struggling to understand and unleash their own creative possibilities, this conversation will wake you up to the life you can live when your creative juices are alive and flowing!

Relive the night all right here 👇

🙏 Of course, THANK YOU to Tim for taking the time to share your creative journey and to inspire others to set out on their own.

+ You can find (and should find 😉) 📚 The Creative Journey on Amazon!

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