The Myth of "Never Working"

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💭 If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life...

It's a line we've all heard, many have strived to live out, and fewer (if any) have actually experienced. I'm hear to tell you that, for the overwhelming majority of us, it is a myth. Never work a day in our lives? I know the saying is not meant to be taken in a literal sense—we all work in some capacity, even if we love it—but, the issue with it for me is the implication that if we discover our true vocation, every single day is easy.

We know this to be false, don't we?

I, and perhaps you reading this, are fortunate. Fortunate to have been called to do something that lights us up, that gives us energy, hope, and a certain vigor to seize every day. There is no doubt that we are convicted in what we decide to spend our time on. We are certain in our pursuit. It just feels right. But...(and there's always a but) some days suck. There I said it. You can love what you do and still dread certain parts of the process of reaching your grander vision.

Speaking from personal experience trying to get a business off the ground (and rise, as the Helium name implies, hehe), there is nothing else I'd rather be doing. That is clear to me. Yet, this process is not glamorous, at least not most of the time. It's hard to get excited about budgeting, preparing countless social media posts, and sending countless emails. It feels like, and is work. Let's think about some of the greatest in their respective fields—Michael Jordan, JK Rowling, Taylor Swift, or, us much as we may not want to admit it, Tom Brady. Do you think, on hour 5 of practice for the day, Michael Jordan didn't feel like he was working? How about when JK Rowling got denied by publishers for the tenth time? Or, when Taylor Swift is on week four of her world tour or when Tom Brady is waking up early to get to a 5 a.m. strategy meeting the day after winning another hard-fought game?

It is impossible to enjoy every little bit of the journey. But, that is okay because one simple truth remains that gets us through it...

We are willing to suffer, go through pain, and sacrifice for our calling.

Loving what you do cannot make everything fun and joyful. But, it does allow you to view the unpleasant moments in a different light—through a more refined lens, one that offers perspective. The simple truth is that if we are to achieve what we believe we are destined to achieve, we must battle day in and day out. We must work. So, if I may offer a re-phrasing of the original statement:

💭 If you love what you do, you will work every day in your life...

If you love the life you are after, you will work, put in time and effort, go through struggles and tough moments. Life is not about avoiding work. Rather, it is about finding the thing you are willing to work for! And, sure, some of it may not feel like "work" as we've come to define it as a society, but a lot of it will. And, if your conviction and love are strong enough, you will get it done. You will get it done because you are enamored by the possibility of what your life can become in pursuit of your calling.

Not only is never working a day in your life a myth, but it is also an ideal that we should abhor rather than idolize. Find something you love and work to bring the most out of it that you can!

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