The Helium Books $150 Referral Giveaway!

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

👋 Hey, there!

Do you know a teacher or school administration member? Well...what if we told you that this connection could yield you prizes worth a combined $150!

You may respond: How can that be, Helium Books?!

First, real quick for some background, Helium Books is a Milwaukee-based startup on a mission to elevate lives through the power of reading. Since we launched our company in September 2019, that mission has manifested itself via our on-demand, library-sourced book delivery service, in which Milwaukee County readers can have library books delivered to their door in 48 hours or less! (interested? try it here.)

Now that you know who we are, here's what you need to know (and have to do) to earn some prizes...

Recently, we have expanded our operations (as described above) into schools...which is why we asked that question up top. Through our new Library-as-a-Service program, Helium Books affords teachers and schools the ability to harness the full power of Wisconsin's largest library system: the Milwaukee County Federated Library System.

How does the program work?


1️⃣ Once their school has signed up for the program, teachers order books online on their students' behalf

2️⃣ Helium Books delivers these desired books to the teacher's classroom

3️⃣ Helium Books then picks up the books a few weeks later, prior to their due date

And, what are the benefits?

📚 Schools, teachers, and students now have more widespread access to new, relevant, and more representative book titles than ever before

👍 Teachers lives are made easier, no longer responsible for sourcing books for their students on their own time (and, sometimes, on their own dime), and having greater access to lesson-centered resources

❤️ By simplifying how schools obtain books, we can better foster a lifelong love of reading in our youth, benefiting society for years to come

💰 The program is fairly priced and, for what it offers, is very budget-friendly

Now, in order to earn the $150 in prizes, all you have to do is refer us to a contact that, because of them, Helium Books, at some point in the future, implements this Library-as-a-Service program at a school (or schools) in Milwaukee County. For example, refer us to a teacher, whom, by us now knowing them, we are able to work together to implement this program at their school. Heck, if you're a teacher or involved in a school in any way, you can be the "contact," and we'll happily reward you with the prize.

Refer them to us by either:

1️⃣ Sending an email with their contact information (or sending an email introduction with all parties included) to

2️⃣ Give a call to (414) 450-1030 detailing their contact information (or, text information to same number)

3️⃣ Dropping their contact information in the comments of this post

Soooo....what are these prizes we speak of?

If you're able to accomplish the above, you'll be getting the following:

💸 $100 cash

👕 A (mighty fashionable) Helium Books T-Shirt

🥃 A combo Packers/Badgers Pint Glass

(*see the picture at the bottom*)

☝️ Now, here's our advice on how to earn this sweet suite of prizes...

  • Compile a list of the people you know involved in local schools

  • Reach out to them about this referral giveaway

  • Mention how to earn the prizes (and, maybe offer to share!)

  • If they need more information, pass this one-page program summary along

  • Keep following up in regards to their progress!

If you have any questions or comments, comment on this post or reach out to us at! Off to referring! Go get those $150 worth in prizes! 👇

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