The Book I Needed

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When starting my professional career just a few years ago, growth and opportunity weren't front of mind. At the time, I was focused solely on absorbing the scope of my new role and learning the intricacies of Corporate America. It wasn’t until I really thought about what I wanted at the timeto continue to leverage my skill set in a way that was beneficial to the organization and myselfthat I began to understand what tangible actions I needed to take to get there; what opportunities I needed to explore and the growth that needed to occur. Over the course of a few months, I began to home-in on not only the job title I wanted to aspire to, but the tangible steps to get there.

I began to meet regularly with a colleague who held the title I was striving to obtain, meticulously picking their brain, hoping to firm up my understanding of how to "sit in their seat." These experiences were absolutely worthwhile as we sat and discussed duties, skill sets, and proven tactics that make continuous success attainable. But, something was certainly lacking. I was hoping for a "take-me-under-your-wing" type of mentor-mentee relationship, but instead got more of a lecturer-student dynamic. Nevertheless, I did uncover something deeper and truly empowering: my renewed passion for learning.

My newfound professor asked if I had ever read