The 3-Step Definitive Guide to Holiday Reading

So, the holidays have arrived...a time where we are inundated with things to do, people to see, places to be, shopping to be done. And, it's not like any of our other responsibilities are lightening's the year-end push at the office and the kids still need their breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and they're sure as heck not gonna make it). No wonder our schedules around the holidays are always so damn jammed.

Look, I co-own a book delivery company, so it should come as no surprise that I make it my responsibility to instill in you a desire to read throughout the year, even during the holiday season. How can this be done given alllll of the aforementioned obligations you must deal with in the coming weeks? (Cracks knuckles) Let me show you...

I assume you, the reader of this post, likes to read books - maybe a little bit, maybe a lotta bit. I also assume that your interest in books doesn't just disappear in December. You may want to read, but the burdens (and joys) of the holidays leave you with such little time to even think about picking up that next novel - that is until everything cools down a bit as the calendar turns.

Well, today, I'm going to provide you with The 3-Step Definitive Guide to Holiday Reading - because the holidays aren't meant to stifle your reading desires, rather, it is a time for us to embrace the literary treasures that bring us joy and merriment!

Step 1 - Festive-ize Your Reading

You spend time with the family during the holidays, right? Of course, you do! Are there little kids in your family? If so, perfect...step one is for you. But, give step one a shot even if the family is all grown up!

Here's what you do --> Make reading a fun, festive holiday family activity! Whip up some hot cocoa, start a fire, get comfy and read a holiday story as a family! What should you read? That's the easy part...try,

- How The Grinch Stole Christmas

- The Polar Express

- The Night Before Christmas

(shameless plug - rent any (or all) of the above by clicking's free!)

Just like that, you're reading and spending time with the family...two birds, one stone.

Step 2 - Got Stress?

The holidays are stressful. I think we can all agree that this is true, right? When that stress hits, most of us do one (or all) of the following things: (1) panic, (2) stress eat sweets, (3) lie down and watch TV. Though these three things sound like great coping mechanisms, may we suggest an alternative...

READ A BOOK! Books are scientifically proven to reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone) within mere minutes. Rather than growing anxious, adding a few pounds, or being lazy...put your mind to work and wave goodbye to stress. Feelings of rejuvenation are sure to follow.

Step 3 - Listen Up

With so much to do this month, you're going to be on the go quite a bit, I'd imagine. Doesn't mean you can't be reading! Audiobooks were made for those on the go!

Got some shopping to do? Some errands to run? Pop in those headphones and listen to that new crime thriller you've been itching to dive into. See, even when you don't have time to sit down with a book, you can still read! Plus, audiobooks are relatively cheap (though not free like Helium, I must add...). Get yours through Audible, Scribd,, or a variety of other similar services.

There you have it, folks! The holiday season, for most, is the busiest time of year. Rather than neglecting your reading desires, heed this advice and satiate them! Turns out you can find time to read in December...who knew?!

Happy holidays and happy reading!

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