WATCH: A Live Chat with Susie Gigi Stein

On May 26, 2021, Helium Books co-founders, Jacob and Ian, had the great pleasure of sitting down with local author (and Milwaukee philanthropic advocate...), Susie Gigi Stein!

The trio dove into Susie's beginnings as a writer (starting when she was just 5!), the inspiration behind her books—especially behind her latest hit, A Valentine to America—her top travel destinations for any fellow travel junkies to explore, and even a sneak peak into her future (sequel?!)!

📚 Susie was also nice enough to do a little live reading of A Valentine to America, offering up the book's engaging opening!

🔴 In case you missed the conversation live, relive it all right here! 👇 (please do mind the technical difficulties...we all did the best we could given the circumstances!)

👉 Want to learn more about Susie Gigi Stein and her latest book, A Valentine to America, visit its website!

💰 A Valentine to America is for sale online at Amazon...go grab a copy of this uniquely written piece of historical fiction today!

Last but certainly not least, we owe a big thank you to Susie for taking the time to join us and share a near and dear piece her life with us and our audience

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