Stop! Reflection Time.

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Two years ago, if you told me I would read 24 books in the year 2020or any year for that matterI would have laughed and made a joke, asserting that they'd have to be picture books.

It has been an incredible journey getting back into reading and rediscovering that passion. I never could've imagined how much of an impact it would play in my life.

So, with it being the first day of a (hopefully better) year, I thought it'd be a wise time to reflect. I want to share with you a few key themes of my reading, a dose of the books I read, and a few of my takeaways from these books! A lot of good stuff here...

🚨 And spoiler alertI'll let you in on the titles I already have queued-up and at the top of my 2021 reading list!