Read. Refer. Reap. — A Helium Books Giveaway

👋 Hello, Helium Family!

You love giveaways. We love giveaways. So, let's do another is the holidays after all.

In the past, our giveaway winners have been decided more or less at random. This time, it's different. You are in complete control of your winning (or losing) fate. Here's how it's gonna go down...


• If you are a Helium customer, on December 1st, you will receive (via email) your unique referral code.

• If you are not a Helium customer, become one today by renting a *free* book (or two, or three). Start here. Once you complete your first successful order, you will be sent a unique referral code. *Remember, at this time, you must reside in Milwaukee County to be able to use Helium's services*

• Over the course of December and January (the giveaway period), you will want to pass this code along to any and everyone you know in Milwaukee County!

• With this code, these Milwaukee County friends/families/colleagues/etc. will then order books through our service, citing your referral code during the order process.