Right Turn No Stop

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😊 Pursuing happiness is a daunting endeavor and is easier said than done.

I wrote about happiness in a previous blog post here (tl;dr—happiness, in my opinion, is boiled down to the choice to be happy). But today, I want to build off the idea of choosing to be happy with finding happiness.

Admittedly I have fallen into the notion of thinking happiness is reserved for big occasions (but 🚨 news flash: people don’t have big things happening in their lives constantly!). If you are waiting to be happy until after you got a dog, purchased that new bicycle, or cashed in on those rewards points for a trip to California, then the gaps in between each will be void of happiness.

❌ I don’t want that.

❌ You don’t want that.

❌ I don’t want that for you!

If my assumption of choosing to be happy can make us happy, then it’s no secret that happiness is quite literally everywhere.

So, I will provide the realization that I had last week...

I was out driving when I thought about a street sign that I’ve come across countless times: Right Turn No Stop. I legitimately smiled and, embarrassingly enough, giggled to myself because of how much I love those signs. Honestly, why wouldn’t you love them? There aren’t too many times while driving that you get to continue to drive without a pesky yield sign or an obtrusive stop sign telling you what to do: slow down, stop, yield to the right of way. Meanwhile, the conscientious Right Turn No Stop, allows us to keep on keeping on.

💡 The realization was this: I found happiness in something small.

Every single day, our lives are filled with these pockets of smallness and these pockets are begging to be filled with happiness. Knowing that happiness is fleeting (unless you know someone who is happy 24/7, I sure as heck don’t), why shouldn’t we try to fill these pockets with happiness by smiling at the Right Turn No Stop sign, getting satisfaction from the sun reflecting perfectly off the snow to provide a spectacular sparkle, or stopping to listen to the laughter of a child on a swing and allow ourselves, for a brief moment, to be transported back in time to when either we, or our children, were swinging.

The choice to be happy is ours; it’s endless and everywhere. So, finding happiness should be easy! Take time to fill the gaps between major events with happiness.

🟢 Go find happiness. Go find your Right Turn No Stop.

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