Read Up!

Wow! It’s been awhile, ya’ll! Looks like I haven’t written a post since last decade…

(cringe) Please forgive my corniness...I couldn't resist. Now, all jokes aside, in all sincerity, Happy New Year! Welcome to 2020. Before us lie 365 days FULL of pure opportunity. What will you make of them? Will you let them pass you by, living with no real intention? (If so, no need to continue reading on…)

No! You will set goals that challenge you, grow you, and advance you towards the life you desire! You will live each day in fulfillment of your purpose! Why? Because you, my friend, are a doer, a striver, an achiever, a winner. You refuse to settle for the life others have defined for you or for your life as it is in this fleeting moment. You want more, you deserve more, and you are willing to work to get more.

It is to you I write.

One thing I know for 100% certain: The dream life you envision is made possible through the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and experience.

One other thing I know for 100% certain: A sure-fire way to acquire knowledge, skills, and experience is by reading books.