Read Up!

Wow! It’s been awhile, ya’ll! Looks like I haven’t written a post since last decade…

(cringe) Please forgive my corniness...I couldn't resist. Now, all jokes aside, in all sincerity, Happy New Year! Welcome to 2020. Before us lie 365 days FULL of pure opportunity. What will you make of them? Will you let them pass you by, living with no real intention? (If so, no need to continue reading on…)

No! You will set goals that challenge you, grow you, and advance you towards the life you desire! You will live each day in fulfillment of your purpose! Why? Because you, my friend, are a doer, a striver, an achiever, a winner. You refuse to settle for the life others have defined for you or for your life as it is in this fleeting moment. You want more, you deserve more, and you are willing to work to get more.

It is to you I write.

One thing I know for 100% certain: The dream life you envision is made possible through the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and experience.

One other thing I know for 100% certain: A sure-fire way to acquire knowledge, skills, and experience is by reading books.

That is why I implore you to incorporate reading into your goals for 2020 and beyond. Now, I understand this advice is rather hollow without a real-world example – so here’s one to chew on…

Finance mogul, Warren Buffet, is rumored to read 500+ pages of material every single day. It guides his sound financial decision making and Buffet credits his voracious reading hobby for a great deal of his massive success. While the sheer volume may seem unrealistic and intimidating – that’s not the key takeaway. What’s important is consistency. The knowledge gained via reading compounds over time, allowing you to amass a wealth of information, at your disposal as the need arises. Do you think Mr. Buffet was born an inherent investing guru? You know better than that…he read and read some more – theory, fundamentals, examples – long before he ever rose to fame and fortune. It worked, so the habit carries on. Reading informs and guides his successful experiences day in, day out.

And it’s not just Warren…simply doing a quick Google search unveils countless others that achieved high-profile success thanks, at least in part, to their reading tendencies. So, I challenge you to do the following:

Set a reading goal for 2020.

It can be really simple…full disclosure, my reading goal is to read 2 books a month – simple, achievable, not overwhelming. Whatever you decide for your benchmark, make sure it checks three boxes…

1. Realistic – can you actually read that much given other demands on your time

2. Timely – make your goals with a deadline, even if it’s just two books finished per month

3. Specific – a goal to “read a little each day” is too vague to attract your full commitment…rather, deciding to read x number of pages/chapters/books a day/week/month carries much more weight

Just like that, you have the framework for your 2020 reading goal. Put it down on paper, monitor your progress, and be sure to read in alignment with your goals – read what interests you, what will give you the knowledge, skills, and experience to live the life of your dreams, what will enhance the quality of your life!

You want more, now you know…reading is the way to get it. Were on page one of the book that is 2020…What will yours read?

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