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As most of you reading this know, Ian and I share thoughts, experiences, and fun anecdotes via blog posts every other week on our website. The topics we choose to write about range greatly from mustard, to manifestation, to a statue of a duck, and, in this humble man’s opinion, have yielded some very interesting reads (just see last sentence).

While not quite as thrilling as mustard, today’s chef’s special consists of blog posts. Yes, that’s right. A blog post about blog posts. Since starting to write them I have noticed a change: I seem to have become more creative and a better storyteller while at the same time, able to share my thoughts and opinions in a safe space.

🤔 As Ian can attest, the most difficult aspect of writing these, at the frequency we do, is coming up with the idea on what to write about (which I suppose explains why you have a blog post about a statue of a duck…). Even from the standpoint of brainstorming, it forces you to get the theoretical juices flowing to see what you care to write about and what you think people would care to read about.

Then comes the easier portion, the writing. 😄 Once you formulate your idea, the fun can begin: crafting a story and letting it unfold. This is where I feel I have improved drastically: being able to creatively tell a story, but with a point. I mean who cares to read a blog post if there isn’t a point? Well, you’re reading this, so there’s that (kidding!).

Much like anything else you do consistently, the more often you do it, the better you become at it. This concept is called capitalization learning, which I first learned in Malcolm Gladwell’s book, David and Goliath (rent here). Essentially if you practice golf, because you’re good at golf, you will become better at golf. Not very groundbreaking, but it certainly makes sense for something you don’t think about too often.

Being able to share both personal items, such as my reflection from quitting my job, to takes on different books, this outlet and space has been absolutely incredible. I would even go so far as to call writing these blog posts therapeutic. Being able to organize my thoughts and put pen to paper—well I guess...fingers to keys, but that doesn’t have the same ring to it, but nevertheless—has done wonders. If you’re looking for an outlet of any kind, I cannot recommend writing highly enough. I may even start writing blog posts for fun some day!

✍️ Long story short, get brainstorming and get writing! Who knows what story you have to tell.

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