Alright...I get it, reading isn't sexy, books are typically less accessible than TV, and putting them together requires energy and focus. These realities, among others, deter many of us from even thinking about exploring what's behind the cover. Yet, the thing is...we all know reading is something we should be doing more of...

So, why don't we? Well, for one, the reasons listed above. As hard as it is for me to say, books—on the surface—don't necessarily scream fun...they're more like the person at the party whose sensibility often reigns supreme. They'll indulge in a few beverages before sneaking away unannounced to ensure they get their 8 hours. Now, I can feel the dissent coming on from readers...Books are so fun! So, let me say one more thing. That sensible party-goer that we'll call Reid A. Book (because it's funny 😂) is entirely misunderstood. Mr. Book is multi-dimensional, his soul runs deep, he's a bit of a renaissance man, he can do it all. So, while he may not always appear like a fun time to the outside observer, only those that truly understand his nuances appreciate his presence. This is why we never judge a Book by its cover...

Too often we think of reading as a boring, mundane activity. Yet, I believe that many of us, despite lacking the motivation to start a book, know that we are missing out. There's more to it than words on paper. Why else would reading get all the hype it does? It must be well deserved. But, what exactly are we forgoing by choosing not to pop open that bedside book collecting dust?

No. 1 | Perspective

Translation: Who wants to be the ignorant, self-absorbed, mentally-siloed person in the room? I can't see you, but I know that you're not raising your hand. From the conversations we have to the decisions we make, perspective guides us. What we say and do is a function of our beliefs and values. Without educating ourselves on ideas foreign to our own, we will forever be trapped in our limited way of thinking. Books allow us to experience life outside of our bubble and elevate our mental picture of the world into one that is more holistic and inclusive.

No. 2 | Brains

Translation: Readers are smart. Smart people do big things. People who do big things tend to be fulfilled and happy. People who are fulfilled and happy...well, what else is there...they've won. Readers are winners. #Logic

No. 3 | Peacefulness

Translation: Life is hard, man. It is. It's stressful, emotional, tiring. We all need a place to turn that serves to relax us. Not to get all technical on you, but studies have shown (🤓) that reading a book relaxes your mind and body in as little as 6 minutes. So, after a long day, try turning to books to calm you down. Besides the physiological effects, they will allow you to take a break from reality and explore something new. I fall asleep reading pretty much daily...NO, not because I'm bored, but because I am relaxed.

Now you know what you've been missing! And, if I did a good job, I've painted a pretty rosy picture of what life as a reader looks like. It's up to you now. Are you content bypassing an enhanced perspective, greater intelligence, and inner peace? Sure, picking up reading as a hobby won't always be fun and games. But, remember Reid A. Book? He is a metaphorical testament to the life reading creates—one in which we learn, develop, improve, and grow fulfilled. From moment to moment, it may not seem fun. But, let me tell you, this type of life tops any fleeting snapshot of excitement. This is a different kind of fun, and it lasts a lifetime. You don't want to miss it.

So we say, No Mo FOMO. Stop missing out on the life you deserve.

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