More Than Just Words On Paper

Reading – ironically enough, the word doesn’t exactly jump off the page. It’s not sexy. It’s not eye-catching, nor is it attention-grabbing. To many, the word elicits feelings of “meh” - of indifference.

But, to me, when I see the word reading, I think of a changed life.

What is so often misunderstood is that reading is not just about absorbing and enjoying the contents of whatever book it is that you’re reading. We get far more out of a book than simply the story, teachings, and message…let me explain.

You may think that a book finished equates to nothing more than temporary entertainment, useful insights, or fleeting adventure – but, you’d be missing the most profound byproduct. When you pick up a book, you’re actually re-wiring your brain, making it biased towards activity, rather than passivity. This nifty shift in your inner circuitry can manifest itself in monumental ways.

Reading may seem passive – but, likely only to the non-reader. As book lovers know, staying consistently engrossed and engaged in the story often requires great focus. Opposingly, when you look to reading’s biggest entertainment rival – TV – activity takes the proverbial back seat (like way back seat of a school bus back seat) while passivity takes strong hold of the wheel. You sit, stare, and…well, that’s it. Your mind is on auto-pilot.