Make Manifesting Your Destiny

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💭 We are but a figment of our imagination.

It's a statement that I heard a few years ago and simply fell in love with, probably because I believe it to be so unequivocally true. It's message so powerful, it has been stated in myriad ways...

If you can see it, you can be it. Ask and you shall receive. Your thoughts become your reality....

Manifestation. It's the process of bringing forth events and experiences into your life by way of the energy you put out into the world. It's the Law of Attraction. Like attracting like. It's real, and it's what I want to talk with you about today.

To start, a question...

🙏 When was the last time you prayed? To a higher power, defined or not? In many cases, what you are doing is attempting to manifest (i.e. bring to reality) certain circumstances. As a kid, we may pray for Santa to bring us that new bike we've been wanting. As an adult, we may pray for the focus to perform well at tomorrow's job interview. In both cases, we're seeking an optimal reality. Why pray for subpar, right?

Importantly, however, we're also seeking out a reality that is entirely possible. We're imagining a tomorrow that can exist.

Now, I talk about prayer only to offer an example of how, inherently, we are all aware of, and most of us actively practice, the secular art of manifestation. Goal setting works in much the same way. Actively seeking out and preparing for a desired future.

For me, manifestation works simply and, usually, on a small scale. But, that is not to say it isn't powerful. See, I am very driven by my mood in a given moment, as most of us are, I suppose. However, when I make the proactive decision to bring energy to a certain situation, even if I'm feeling irritated at present, the result is always profoundly better than if that "flip-of-the-switch" decision was never made. I feel more myself, I provide, rather than steal energy from those around me, and life is just...better.

It all starts with thinking about the future (even the future 2 minutes away), and how, ideally, yet realistically, it will unfold. Then, prepare yourself as best you can, whether that means getting yourself in the right mindset or charting a course for a years-long endeavor, for this reality to be possible. Now, this may sound pretty esoteric, so, an example...

🟢 Recently, I listened to Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey on audiobook. (Rent for free here). In the early 1990's, just days after filming ended for his first movie role in Dazed and Confused, he set and wrote down 10 ambitious goals for a happy life. Most, if not all, including "Win an Academy Award for Best Actor," he could look back on nearly 30 years later and say he accomplished. It started with a vision for an ideal life, a happy life. Then came the preparation, the hard work, the focus.

And, let's be clear. Just because our name isn't Matthew McConaughey doesn't mean we can't do some successful manifestation of our own! You probably do a little bit already. But, start making it routine. Have a big presentation coming up? Imagine how you would perform for it to go perfectly. Have a work happy hour you're dreading? Re-frame your mind to welcome the opportunity to connect with colleagues. Imagine the questions you can ask to learn more about them. Everyone will benefit from a more engaged you, including you.

💪 The mind is powerful! This quick, simple exercise not only gives you the confidence that you are capable of achieving an ideal reality, but also serves as preparation and practice for the big (or, not so big) moment. World-class athletes are phenomenal visualizers and attribute much of their success to this act of focused foresight.

Remember, your ideal reality is waiting...but, only if you're brave enough to imagine it, clarify it, and prepare for it.

Go manifest the life you want to live. You are but a figment of your imagination.

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