Helium Books To Implement New Pricing Policy Come October 1st, 2021

👋 Hello, Helium Family!

Fall 2021 marks the start of a new era for Helium Books! As you know, we’ve offered our library-sourced book delivery service to Milwaukee County readers free of charge since our inception in September of 2019. As you also know—because you understand how the world works—we couldn’t do this forever.

On October 1st, we will implement our new pricing policy, applied to all rentals placed on or after this date.

Now, we understand that many of you used our service because it was free—and why the heck wouldn’t you?! But, we also know that you understand the value of our service. Limitless titles delivered to your door in 48 hours or less. A quick, easy ordering process. Ultimate convenience. Now, the time has come to put a price behind this value...

The Pricing Policy

Life is better when it is made simple, right? That was our guiding focus when crafting a pricing policy that worked for both you and us. Here’s what we decided on and will be implementing come October 1st for all new rental orders:

  • Order 1 book, pay $5.00

  • Order 2 books, pay $8.00

  • Order 3 books, pay $9.00

That’s right. $5 for 1, $8 for 2, and $9 for 3. Simple. Affordable. Reasonable. It also incentivizes reading more books, aligning with our mission. Now, how will this all work? What changes can you expect? Great questions...

How it Will Work

As you will see on our “new” website (altered to reflect this pricing policy) that will be live on October 1st, the process you will follow to get books will be nearly identical to the process you’ve grown used to.

As always, we first collect your order and payment information. Then, per usual, you’ll receive order confirmation, have your books delivered, read them, then go through any renewal and/or return processes. The only change obviously is our pricing policy and how you will be charged…

Given the nature of our service, you will not be charged upon order submission, but rather upon order delivery, for the logical reason that, for example, you may order 3 books, of which only 2 may be available from our sourcing libraries and thus delivered to you. Therefore, in this example, charging upon delivery ensures you only pay $8.00, per the policy outlined above. Renewals and returns are still free.

Remember, you’re still saving $$! Most books cost at least $20! Commit to your elevation. Invest in a happier life. Questions or comments? Email us at support@heliumbooks.com.

Keep reading. Keep rising.

Ian & Jacob | Helium Books Co-Founders

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