Helium Books Launches New Brand!

👋 Hello, Helium Family!

Notice something different? Of course you do! That logo at the top of this page doesn’t look all too familiar, does it? Well, you’re right..it shouldn’t.

It’s an exciting time here at Helium Books and we’re elated to share with you the launch of our (brand) new branding! We know, we know, we’ve switched up our look and feel a good amount since we launched in September 2019. But, hey, we’re still a new company finding our footing! And, now, with the reveal of our new branding, we couldn’t be on more solid ground.

Look, we liked our old logos. The “helium” with the books beneath the “u”. The “h” surrounded by circles of our brand colors. They were cool...but, things have changed and we’ve evolved. Now, we absolutely love our new logos, which have been and will continue to be rolled out wherever you interact with our brand—including on new bookmarks included with every rental order!

Again, we are all about elevating the individual through the power of reading, helping others rise to new heights at the hands of books. The message is clear. The vision is clear. We thought it only made sense that the way we portrayed this message and this vision be aligned with the clarity and simplicity they embody. We’ve accomplished this with our new logos.

Less clutter. Less complicated.

Clarity and simplicity being the focus, the cloud embedded within the logo you see at the top of this page, re