Goodbye Freedom...Hello New Chapter!

Goodbye free time. Goodbye friends and family. Goodbye freedom…These were the very thoughts that ran through my mind after being presented with the idea to join Helium as a co-founder. Aside from the fact of losing precious free time, it’s a scary thing to jump into a startup business, let alone one with your friend.

There and then began a battle between the infamous Thinking Brain and Feeling Brain (as Mark Manson so eloquently puts it). Thinking Brain uses logic and rationale, while Feeling Brain…. you guessed it, bases everything off feelings and experiences of how an event made you FEEL. This constant struggle happens with all decisions and an open dialogue begins. Each is honest about their desired outcome and each attempt to sway one another in a direction of their choosing (often in the ring, each sporting their own colored gloves).

However, in my case, the more “dialogue” that ensued, the more both Brains began to realize… not only is this idea great, but it has tremendous potential to impact all who use the service. Aside from the philanthropy and overall mission, even the day-to-day operations seemed...enjoyable (thanks, Feeling Brain). Combining this with something to slap your name on and make your own, while positively impacting your community...I was sold.

I am beyond excited to start this new chapter and I hope you are too.

Talk soon.


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