WATCH: A Live Chat with George Paasewe

On June 22, 2021, Helium Books co-founders, Jacob and Ian, had the awesome opportunity to chat with the one and only, George Paasewe!

George is...well, many things. An author, educator, entrepreneur, and even (as you'll come to find out) deserving of Father of the Year honors.

The trio met over Instagram to discuss a whole host of topics, including the motivation behind George's foray into published authorship, his most recent bookthe highly-acclaimed and highly-importantHow Black College Students Learn Code-Switching, life as an entrepreneur and founder of The Code Switcher, LLC, his hypothetical 🏆 Father of the Year award, and some quick-hitting reading- and teaching-related topics.

📚 We even got a live reading performed by George himself from his seminal book, How Black College Students Learn Code-Switching, enticing the audience to explore further!

🔴 In case you missed the conversation live, relive it all right here! 👇

👉 Looking to learn more about George, his book publishing company, and/or order a copy of How Black College Students Learn Code-Switching, click here!

Finally, we owe the biggest thank you to George for taking the time to join us, share his passion, open us up to such an important topic, and offer up some words of wisdom to boot!

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