Founders Series: Part Three - People Power

Let me start this latest installment of the Founders Series by stating something I think is rather obvious: People are awesome. Of course, there are times in our lives where doubt may be cast over this statement; but, on the whole, I hope all of us are reminded of the genuine goodness of humanity far more often than the contrary. I know I certainly am, most recently just last week...

I was compelled to write this post (and put it as part of the Founder Series) because I simply could not ignore the selfless generosity displayed by two awesome individuals, each of whom wanted nothing more than to help us advance the Helium mission. With them by our side, as a company we've been able to spread the reading word to people and places that, to us, were previously inaccessible. Now, I won't go naming names, but, if you're reading this, you know who you are and we thank you.

What did they do that makes them so awesome? Alright, I won't bury the lead any longer...

Awesome Individual #1

Okay, so over last month or so, we'd been in talks with a local teacher who reached out to us about the possibility of sharing what we do at Helium with the parents of her (I'll divulge that detail) students. Amazing. She loved what we were doing to promote reading and wanted to help us get the word out to a younger crowd; a crowd at such an impressionable, malleable age in which reading is just about the best hobby they can attach themselves to for a mentally healthy future. Needless to say we were on board in whatever capacity she had in mind.

As I write this, over this past week, we have been posted up at Carmen Middle School of Science and Technology in northwest Milwaukee—where Awesome Individual #1 teaches—during their orientation, passing out a customized reading program and information about what we do, why we do it, and how they can join in on the free book action. Each day has brought smiles, excitement, an invigorating atmosphere, and palpable excitement about the possibilities ahead—impacting lives, molding the future generation, and expanding the reach of our business.

None, and I mean literally none of this would have been possible if it weren't for you, Awesome Individual #1. We can say thank you, but that would hardly capture our immense gratitude. Together, we're making a difference, and that's a testament to your support and willingness to take action on our behalf. 👍 You're awesome.

Awesome Individual #2

Literally in just the last week, we had the fortune of meeting Awesome Individual #2, and we were aligned from the get go. Having recently started a non-profit philanthropic venture here in Milwaukee, she came across what we were doing at Helium and was eager to help in any way she could—collaborations, promotion, you name it, she was all in! That's the type of positive, passionate energy you simply cannot ignore!

I mean, she even went so far as to give us a coveted spot in several editions of the Schlitz Park weekly newsletter, which she helps create and manage. Not only has this generated a nice spark of interest among a vast, diverse audience, it has also made a tangible impact on the future of our business—the importance of which cannot be understated. On the surface, it may seem like a minor gesture, but, as ironically as life unfolds, the smallest acts oftentimes yield the biggest results—this being no exception.

Awesome Individual #2, we couldn't be happier our paths crossed. And the most exciting part of it all is that we're still just at the tippy top of that proverbial iceberg! We have so much to look forward to in our journey together; so much great work to be done side by side. Again, thank you is not enough, but we'll keep on saying it—because your selflessness and kindness has done more than you know. 👍 You're awesome.

These are the people—people like Awesome Individual #1 and #2—that are around all of us. People willing to come by our side and support us. People willing to spend their precious time helping us get ahead, even if it means little to their own advancement. These people are special. These people are awesome.

In life and in business, we can't go anywhere without them. So when you find them, hold on to them. Work together. Grow together. Maximize your impact together. When it comes to people, 1+1 does not equal 2. Together, people are far more powerful than that...1+1 can equal 3, 4, 5, 6!

If this post conveys one message, I hope it's this: Never underestimate what we can do together. There is power in awesome people.

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together" - African Proverb

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