WATCH: A Live Reading + Chat with DJ Shawna

December 10th will go down as a night to remember! Helium co-founders, Jacob and Ian, we're gladly joined on the company's Instagram Live by the one and only DJ Shawna! The local author, Milwaukee Bucks DJ, clothing brand owner, podcast host—a true renaissance woman, to say the least—graced our audience with a conversation that explored the many layers of her fascinating life, including...

🔖 Her amazing book (with a live reading)

🔑 Her philanthropic efforts

💪 Her #DareToBe brand

🎶 Her life as Milwaukee Bucks DJ

🏀 Her love of basketball

Truly an inspiration whenever she speaks, if you weren't able to listen to her live, you can relive it all right here 👇

🙏 We want to thank DJ Shawna for taking the time to chat with us, sharing her story, and serving as a reminder to all of us to be kind, selfless, and relentless.

+ For all things DJ Shawna (including more about her book, The Adventures of Bob and Downtown Milwaukee, and how to buy it 🎁, her DJ career, and her #DareToBe brand), check out her website!

++ For more on Key To Change, an organization fighting homelessness in Milwaukee and one near and dear to Shawna's heart, see what they're all about here!

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