We Made It On TV! (and a podcast!)

Recently, our co-founders, Ian and Jacob, had the wonderful opportunity to be guests on the Deff-initely Milwaukee podcast with Carl Deffenbaugh—brought on to tell our unique story, how we've both built and come alongside communities since we launched, and, of course, to offer up some wide-ranging book recommendations!

🙌 We owe the biggest THANK YOU to both Carl and FOX6 News for giving us the platform to share our mission with their audiences! Helium Family, you're definitely gonna want to ~check this episode out~ (pun intended 😉)...

🔊 Find the full episode here (or wherever you listen to podcasts)! It first aired on February 22, 2021.

As part of promoting the episode, FOX6 aired a special clip on their morning news show, WakeUp!! 👇

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