WATCH: A Live Chat with Carrie Voigt Schonhoff

On April 13, 2022, Helium Books co-founders, Jacob and Ian, had the fun opportunity to chat with local Wisconsin poet and featured author of Liminal Artistry, Carrie Voigt Schonhoff!

The three chatted over Instagram, discussing Carrie's journey and life as a poet, what brings her inspiration, the joys of authorship, her involvement with Liminal Artistry—a self-proclaimed home for artists—her not one, but TWO books of poems (which you can learn more about and purchase by visiting the Liminal Artistry website), as well as what she has planned for her bright future!

In case you missed the conversation live, relive it all...


Of course, we want to thank the wonderfully amazing Carrie for taking the time to join us, share her passion for poetry, and for letting us into her world! Don't let this be the last time you see her either...follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

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