Black Hole Battle

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📺 This past Sunday night I flipped on a documentary called Black Holes: The Edge of All We Know. For as long as I can remember, space has fascinated me, so, needless to say, I was happy to find something that precluded me from the mindless and endless scrolling that often accompanies the decision to open Netflix.

After watching it, marveling at the mysteriousness and power of black holes, it got me thinking about an analogy that I think we can all relate to, space nerds or not. For the un-nerdy among us, black holes are essentially vacuums; regions of space having a gravitational pull so intense that from which nothing can escape.

🤔 The analogy that sprung to mind was this:

Aren't we all subject to proverbial black holes in our own lives? Don't we all have certain mysterious forces acting on us, relentlessly drawing us in?

After thinking on this, I came to the conclusion that I, and perhaps most of us, have two warring black holes operating in our daily lives. They often go unnoticed, unseen, and unchecked. One works for good, the other for not-so-good.

👍 I'll start with what I'll term our BEACON BLACK HOLE. The Beacon Black Hole is the overwhelming force we experience that calls us towards our dreams, our passions, our goals. This black hole guides us towards the life we want to lead...hence, beacon.

👎 Now, we also have what I'll dub our EDEN BLACK HOLE. The Eden Black Hole represents temptation. It is the devil on our shoulder compelling us to succumb to our immediate desires, to forgo future prosperity and happiness for a short-term "fix".

BEACON vs. EDEN. A battle of invisible, yet immensely powerful forces.

The core storyline of the documentary was the decades-long journey to actually capturing an image of a black hole, the first time it would ever be done. In a similar spirit, I think it's important to "capture an image" of our own black holes. In other words, define them and make them real.

What is your Beacon black hole pulling you towards? And your Eden black hole? Shine a light on the darkness. (Share yours with me in the comments!)

🔦 For me, my Beacon black hole is pulling me towards a life as an entrepreneur, one in which I am constantly leveraging existing skills, developing others, and working to bring something objectively good into the world. Conversely, my Eden black hole preaches the gospel of immediate gratification—spend unnecessarily, eat unhealthily, skip the workout, stay on Instagram for hours, do the easy thing. Upon reflecting on your own black holes, if you're like me, you'll realize that they are equally opposite and equally strong forces.

So, what can we do to make our Beacon black hole prevail? Well, as I learned in the documentary (I learned a lot!), black holes have actually collided in the past (!!), with the stronger of the duo effectively swallowing up the other. In the context of this analogy, our Beacon and Eden black holes are constantly colliding in countless battles, with whichever is larger and more powerful at the time earning the coveted victory...and a black hole as a trophy and a treat.

The best thing we can do, as predicated by physics, is to feed our Beacon black hole with as much ⚡ energy as possible, for in so doing we are giving it what it needs to become an even stronger force. By comparison, especially with energy diverted from it, our Eden black hole will shrink and cower.

Feed your Beacon, starve your Eden. Of course, you will never be perfect, but the goal is, when those internal battles that compel a decision to prioritize your dreams or satisfy your immediate, fleeting desires arise, your Beacon will devour your Eden like Pac-Man devours blue ghosts—swiftly and without hesitation.

Thank you for listening to my (hopefully coherent and logical) ramblings. When all is said and done, I consider us fortunate to have such magnetic forces acting on us. It is important to aspire to be and do more. It is also important that this journey not be easy, that it be filled with obstacles. A fulfilled life is rarely one easily attained.

I knew black holes were powerful, but wow...😲

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