A Birthday Celebration!

Ladies and gentlemen in case you haven't heard... 🎉 HELIUM BOOKS JUST TURNED ONE! To celebrate, we've decided to show our appreciation for those that made it all possible. YOU! (we also made an awesome birthday video, if we do say so ourselves)

We wanted to say thank you the best way we knew how...by giving away free stuff! So, for 4 days, we will be posting Helium-themed trivia questions that take us on a journey through our adventurous first year of existence. Here's how it will work...

1️⃣ Every day, Tuesday—Friday (Sept. 8-11), we will be posting a new trivia question at HIGH NOON (CST) across all of our social media channels.

2️⃣ In each post, we will include the prize up for grabs for one lucky winner. (🏆 Prizes include an Amazon Echo Dot, Milwaukee Flag (the cool version, of course), ++ MORE)

3️⃣ All you have to do to qualify to win is... enter what you believe to be the ✅ correct answer to the day's trivia question in the comment section of the trivia post (on any social media network).

4️⃣ From there, at the end of the week (on Sunday), daily winners will be randomly selected from those who answered a given trivia question correctly. They will then be notified of their amazing success. 👍

Great prizes are out there for the taking, people! Don't miss out! And, last but not least, 🙏 THANK YOU for your continued support...we wouldn't be here without you. Seriously. You're awesome.

++ Be sure to follow us across all of our social media channels to optimize your chance to win! (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter) (LinkedIn)

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