The Rise of Helium

Hello! My name is Ian Buchanan, co-founder of Helium, a business formed from an idea sparked by a trip to the local library in July of 2017. Expecting to be in and out with a book in hand, instead I left with a book about 30 minutes later, quite frustrated. Why? Well, most of the books I really wanted to read were at different libraries. I didn’t want to spend more time driving to another library! And, when I finally settled on a book that was at my current location, minutes passed scanning and scanning the shelves for it.

I left the library that day knowing these and similar obstacles were stifling people's desire to read. While I experienced some of the library’s obstacles firsthand, I also knew people were happily buying $15 books they’d read once and never touch again. They were spending unnecessary time online or scouring the shelves at bookstores finding and buying the books in which they were interested. Sound familiar? It all seemed overly costly, time consuming, and inconvenient. That day in July I thought, “There has to be a way to remove these obstacles...what can be done?”

I’ve always been a strong believer in reading’s ability to educate, empower, and entertain each and every one of us. Helium’s goal is to remove barriers standing in the way of widespread and optimal access to these wonderful benefits of reading. We put money and time back in the hands of readers everywhere, leaving them to do what they! We are confident our system of rental delivery will do just that.

In all that we aim to do, our mission to elevate the individual will guide us, which is why, with every rental, Helium will donate to causes that so generously support our local reading and education ecosystems, vital components of our communities working to strengthen each person therein. Like you, Helium strives to positively impact others. Together, we can elevate individuals and our communities by promoting and providing greater access to the many benefits and joys of reading.

We're forever thankful for those awesome individuals that choose to support our mission and for being a crucial part of its realization! We deeply hope that all readers join us on the journey to new heights!

Let’s Read! Let's Elevate! Let's Go!

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UPDATE (8/31/19): Today, I happily welcome Jacob Carlson to the team as a fellow co-founder! Excited to join the Helium family, Jacob brings a depth of skills and abilities that will help the company improve on all fronts, allowing us to better serve you and our communities.

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